Messiah Suffered Silently

January 24, 2021

Guest minister Pastor Jeff DeBoer, preaching on Romans 8:26 

Our Reasonable Service

November 8, 2020

Joy in Trials?

November 1, 2020
How to find joy with God's help in the midst of trails

Life and Taxes

October 25, 2020
The right motive for paying taxes and honoring our country

Capital Punishment

October 18, 2020
Capital Punishment is a matter of Justice
Sermon on Romans 13:3-4a. 

Obey the Government

October 4, 2020
Why we should obey and respect all authority
Communion Sermon on Isaiah 52:13-15

Luke’s Biography of Jesus

September 13, 2020
Sermon on Luke 1:1-4 on how to know with certainty that the Bible is completely accurate.