We are currently allowing attendance to our Sunday worship services.

Continuing with the emphasis on the command to “Love your Neighbor,” certain precautions, procedures and processes are being implemented to allow for live attendance:

1.) Maintain social distancing by remaining at minimum 6′ away from other attendees at all times.

2.) A family can be considered the same as an individual.  Please sit together as a family during service.  Maintain social distancing during service. If possible, please allow an empty row between you (your family) and other attendees.

3.) Hand sanitizer will be available at church.

4.) We encourage wearing a face mask if you have one, but this is not required. This is more to protect others than to protect yourself. Children under 2 years of age should not wear masks.

5.) Clorox wipes will be available at certain locations within the church, in particular in the bathrooms.  Please wipe down areas that you touch (door handles, etc.) as you use the facilities.  Trash cans will be made available for disposal of the wipes.

6.) Someone will be stationed at the front door to open the door as you come in.  If no one opens the door for you and you must open the door for yourself, please wipe down the door handle.  If the day is nice enough, the door will simply be propped open.

7.) No one will be stationed in the nursery.

8.) Please do not attend if you are among the vulnerable population, have an unexplained cough, are having difficulty breathing, are running a temperature, have been in the presence of someone suspected or confirmed to have COVID 19.

9.) Please do not attend if you have been out of the Black Hills area in the last 14 days.  

10.) The offering plates will be located in an area that will allow you to put in your offering before service. We will not be passing the plate around the congregation.  

We want you all to remain healthy and safe.  Please remain vigilant during this time and consider the safety of you, your family and those around you as we lovingly pass through this valley together guided as always by our loving Shepherd.